Here's what some people are saying about the courses on Marwood Research:

Udipth Talera

Its pretty detailed and I adapted it to my range of stocks and my returns are astonishingly good. Have started the product in my client accounts.

Antoine Mallia

Very simple and easy to follow and with clear examples. I ran a virtual portfolio using the criteria and its been above 25% for the last 4 months.

Jason Kitchens

There is a lot of great information here. Not only does this introduce a good system but it also gives a good intro to AmiBroker.

Allan Ward

This is a very good course. There are some good trading systems outlined here and the Amibroker code is provided. This makes it easy to get started quickly. I’ve learnt a lot from this course that I’ve been able to implement in my trading.


Great information and in-depth analysis in to candlestick patterns. Exactly what I was looking for. Systematic evidence on candlestick patterns. I’ll never look on the candlesticks the same again.

Giovanni Barnes

I’ve been listening to Michael Covel’s “Little book of trend following” for some time. This course has brought in a lot of useful context to the ideas in that book. Mainly, in actual detailing how a system works and the pit falls and optimizations that can be used in a trading system. Additionally, showing us how ideas can be expressed through Amibroker has been illuminating. Finally the course outlines rules that should not be missed and leaves us considering other options and opinions to come up with our own ideas based on trading style creating a very well rounded course.

Bob Reed

I started to paper trade the system and It has shown some very good success, I am about to go live with it. Thank you Joe, I have signed up for some of your other courses, and look forward to more success. Thanks once again!

Ken Haile

Want to improve your investment decisions? You know the importance of using an investment plan to guide your decisions. What makes a good investment plan? It is a plan that minimizes errors and biases in thinking to help you reach your investment goal. This course does an excellent job in discussing the pitfalls and temptations of over 20 ways of thinking that cloud our investment judgement. The teacher discusses each situation as it specifically applies to investment decisions and gives many relevant examples. Improve the results of your investment strategies today by signing up for this course. It will be an “investment” in time well spent!

Kendrick Moton

Information that may have surely escaped most novice traders or may never have reached or interested the uninformed is shared plainly and described fully. JB Marwood is doing something different and exciting for new traders. Thank you so much.

Charley McKnight

Great Course learning a lot and have used the info to improve my amibroker trading systems.

Satya Seelan

The system works well in my backtest and picked up some advice on system testing as well.

Wang Chung Yeung

Impressive, easily study the fundamentals of mental models, and also guided me to do further research. Love it!


The concept of trend following is well explained.

Steve Burns

This course reveals the historical performance of all the classic candlestick patterns across the futures markets, forex markets, and stock market. Mr. Marwood uses Amibroker code to backtest the visual patterns of candlestick charts. It is very interesting to quantify candlestick pattern performance and see the results versus the preconceived opinions about how they should play out based on traditional beliefs.

Brad Madge

Clearly thought out. This subject can be confusing for beginners. The course so far makes perfect sense.

Sue Kiser

I’m loving this course! I had no idea there were so many mental models I should be taking into consideration in order to make the best investment decisions. I appreciate having all these models in one place in a concise, easy to consume form. Thank you, Joe, for creating this well researched, intelligent, and very interesting course. It has been a tremendous benefit to me. Not only do I understand now the reasons behind certain trading blunders I’ve made in the past, but more importantly, I will be better able to avoid future mistakes.

Rick Fonger

Lots of really good information. Well thought out and well delivered.

Elliot Schwartz

This course is awesome for anyone interested in learning about the biases we have that get in our way of trading or making decisions I reccomend this course.

Andy Gerber

Excellent coverage of a very important topic!

Robert Jimenez

Very Nice. The content helped me tweak and form a new consideration for reportable events. Clear direction and insightful. Simply the best.

Robert Jimenez

The information was very informative. the data and results are the best part. Though I do believe CS in larger formations with clusters of CS beyond the initial Japanese interpretations might be interesting. The CS were developed in a time when 100 of rice trading was human based using ledgers over weekly trading periods. So much interpretation on today’s environment is beneficial.

Colin Kerr

Teaches some necessary truths for every trader.

Jaime Velasco

I found the course very helpful. It is a great introduction to setting up and running a simulator. The instructions are very clear and it gives you the tools necessary to implement a trading system. Thanks !!

Glafira Tretyakova

Well organized and easy to follow.

Batya Carbonera

The information given is the best. It is clear and to the point and above all very useful. Loved it!!


A systematically and logically designed course at the same time it is presented in an interesting style.

Nevette Tyus

I am just getting into stock investing and I learned a lot in this class. I like having structured rules to follow. No guessing at what to buy. The tools shared really helped too.

Peter Kelly

I found this course to be clear and well organized. I came away with a healthy sense of the values and principles needed to invest sensibly. It provided a great filter to the noise that surrounds the investment world. However, I am new to this, relatively speaking, but I feel I have enough knowledge to recommend this course to people that might be flailing in this area. At minimum this is a great approach to start with and it also seems a great approach to just settle down with. I have some other factors I want to use in steering my investment program but I feel good about this approach and will use it as a foundation for my investing program. From another perspective I don’t want to veer away from the approach given here without very good reasons; and I have already found a couple but they were not persuasive enough for me to move away. So I figure that means I can think more intelligently about my options. So, very happy and appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into crafting this course.

Kosta Panagiotidis

This course includes all the rules for picking cheap value stocks, it explains HOW to “cut losses quickly” and “let winners run”. Also it explains the risk part very well. Last but not least, the Instructor demonstrates how to backtest (tools and rules), so it is up to ones self to try investing by his rules or not. While for me it was a bit to basic, specially in the beginning, I believe it is still an excellent course for someone just starting out at the markets.

Glenn Ong

Personally, I came from a finance background and I really liked the way you clearly explained the concepts and gave very practical strategies to carry out. University should have been like that! Awesome job and keep it up!